Anonymous Pilgrim of Bordeaux

Itinerarium Burdigalense, 333 AD

The Itinerarium a Burdigala Jerusalem usque et ab Heraclea per Aulonam et per urbem Romam Mediolanum usque, normally referred to as the Itinerarium Burdigalense or the Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum is considered to be one of the oldest Christian itineraria (medieval guidebooks written by travelers).

Written in 333-334 by an anonymous pilgrim during his journey from Burdigala, present-day Bordeaux in France, to Jerusalem, it recounts the pilgrimage and the stopovers that were made. Among these we reproduce the report of his visit to the ancient church that Constantine ordered to be built.

Visit to the Constantinian church

Four miles along the road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, on the right, is the tomb in which was laid Rachel, Jacob’s wife. From there two miles on the left is Bethlehem where our Lord Jesus Christ was born. There a church was built at the order of Constantine.

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