Gabrielle Bremond

Viaggi fatti nell'Egitto superiore et inferiore, 1680

In his memoirs of his Middle Eastern journey to Egypt, Syria and Palestine, the French writer provides us a description of the Daily Procession as it was practiced in the 17th century.

Daily Procession

“The processional Stations are made with numerous candles lit, and with a book of prayers, and it begins with the Litany of the Virgin sung by young Christian children from the village who have been taught by the religious of St. Francis. There is singing at the Chapel of St. Catherine before the Altar of the Blessed Sacrament, which is preserved there in a beautiful tabernacle, and this is the first station. From there one goes (and this is the second station) to the altar placed in the door walled in by the Greeks, where prayer is made near the sacred Grotto of the Nativity, and one benefits from the same indulgences as if one had entered within…”

Viaggi fatti nell'Egitto superiore et inferiore, Bologna, 1680, pp. 401-402

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