Johannes Jorgensen, 1923

Johannes Jorgensen

Johannes Jorgensen (Svendborg, 6 November 1866 – 29 May 1956) was a Danish writer and poet. Born to a Protestant family, he converted to Catholicism following his encounter with St. Francis of Assisi, about whom he wrote a biography before becoming a Franciscan Tertiary. Jorgensen’s primary activity as a writer involved works of poetry for various Swedish literary reviews, among these the journal TAARNET (“The Tower”) which published his poems marked by a metaphorical language of symbolist inspiration. He carried out his journey to the Middle East in the first years of the twentieth century, visiting a large number of the Holy Places including Bethlehem, to which he dedicated these verses:

O Bethlehem, town of the Nativity;
The times are nearing in which you will give joy
To the whole world.
And both those who believe and those unwilling to follow the arduous path of the Cross
Will surely meet up in Bethlehem.

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