Series of books: “CAPERNAUM” vol. I-IX

One of the principal merits of the activities of the scholar Father Virgilio Corbo was the constant attention he paid to making information public, providing both popular summaries published in the magazine “Terra Santa” and scientific articles contained in the “Liber Annus”. This tradition has been carried on in the collection “Cafarnao [Capernaum]” under the direction of Father Loffreda, which now totals nine volumes. Apart from the first volume, Cafarnao I, by Father Corbo himself dedicated to Capernaum, the other volumes are by:

In 1968 Father Augusto Spijkerman ofm (1920-1973), a numismatist, who at the time was head of the SBF museum, began collaborating with Corbo and Loffreda on the identification of coins found in Capernaum. His volume on the coins of Capernaum (Cafarnao III) was published in 1970, in which he catalogued the coins recovered in a number of trenches in the synagogue during the first series of excavations.

A study of the graffiti in Peter’s house was carried out by Father Emmanuele Testa ofm (1923-2011) in Cafarnao IV. The scholar, who had always shown a deep interest in the issue of Christian origins, analyzed 454 plaster fragments from the 4th century domus ecclesiae and provided an interpretation of the wall decorations and graffiti carved by ancient pilgrims.

Series of books: “CAPERNAUM”

The most recent series of excavations, carried out between 2000 and 2003 under the direction of Father Stanislao Loffreda ofm, focused on the urban area to the east of Peter’s house and the synagogue. The results of these excavations were presented by Father Loffreda in Cafarnao V: an extensive photographic documentation of the excavations that allows the reader to gain an overall appreciation of the archaeological excavations carried out at Capernaum ,and the enormous underlying scientific effort.

Since 1968 Father Stanislao Loffreda ofm has been entrusted with carrying out research on the ceramics and other objects found in Capernaum, and the results of his investigations have been brought together in four volumes. The first of these (Cafarnao II) is dedicated to ceramics and appeared in 1974. It was followed by three additional volumes - Cafarnao VI, Cafarnao VII, Cafarnao VIII – which provide a thorough documentation, graphical as well as contextual and typological, of the findings, notably those relating to ceramics. As a result of his studies, it is now possible to date with certainty the various phases of life in the village, as well as to assemble a complete “corpus” of the ceramics used on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee.

In 2007 the volume Cafarnao IX written by Bruno Callegher appeared, dedicated to the coins from the urban area of Capernaum recovered between 1968 and 2003. In conjunction with his studies that have appeared in “Liber Annus”, Callegher has published a substantial portion of the coin finds in Capernaum, both individual coins as well as coin hoards, facilitating a better definition of the chronological framework of Capernaum’s development and the particular contexts in which it occurred, and opening up a number of new issues, ranging from trade in the region to the viability of the site over time.

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