The true Church: Mary and Peter

Mary the mother of Jesus also came to Capernaum, with Jesus and for Jesus (John 2:12; Mark 3:31ff.; cf. La T.S. 1990, 242-46). Here she was revealed to us and presented as “the Virgin who listens” (MC 17), as “the first disciple of her son” (Red. Mater 20): first in every sense, in time and quality (LG 58). Here, in Simon Peter’s house, she certainly met the Prince of the Apostles, thus initiating the dual Marian and Apostolic-Petrine traditions of the true Church that were emphasized by St. Bridget of Sweden in the 15th century (Revel. IV,139s) and, closer to our own time, by John Paul II (Disc. 22.12.1987).

L. Cignelli, La grazia dei luoghi santi, Jerusalem 2005, pp. 45-46.


The Apostle Peter