Elzear Horn

Ichonographiae Monumentorum Terrae Sanctae, 1724-1744

Between 1724 and 1744 the Franciscan father Elzear Horn put together this work that was published only in 1902, edited by the Franciscan historian Girolamo Golubovich. It contains numerous details of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, accompanied by drawings made by Horn that were perhaps based on older ones by Bernardino Amico and others, to which he added detailed captions. Completely new are his drawings of the tombs of the Latin kings that were later destroyed in 1808; also new are his drawings of the Cosmatesque pavements. In addition, Horn was the first to provide a plan of the Franciscan Monastery at the Holy Sepulchre and, most importantly, he has left us drawings of Crusader mosaics that have been destroyed. The work was republished in 1962 by Father Bagatti with parallel English text.

Ichonographiae Monumentorum Terrae Sanctae