This site was published in March 2012, with a new technological platform, redesigned graphics and contents reorganized in simpler navigation paths. The project builds on a number of texts written in the year by Professors of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum and the Custody of the Holy Land.

Project Manager:
Silvio Rogelio de la Fuente ofm

Project Coordinator:
Paolo Padrini, Emanuela Compri

Design of structure:
Silvio Rogelio de la Fuente ofm, Paolo Padrini, Francesco Zazza

Scientific referent:
Eugenio Alliata ofm

Technological Development:
Fotonica Srl

Graphic Development:
Filippo Andreacchio -

Editing text:
Emanuela Compri with contributions from Valeria Vestrelli

Scientific contribution to:
Eugenio Alliata ofm, Enrique Bermejo Cabrera ofm, Virgilio Corbo ofm, Claudio Bottini ofm, Lino Cignelli ofm, Giovanni Loche ofm, Athanasius Macora ofm, Alviero Niccacci ofm, Michele Piccirillo ofm, Stephané Milovitch ofm

Web Content Manager:
Emanuela Compri, Valeria Vestrelli

David Brodsky, Susana Garcia Quirantes, Amélie de la Hougue, Elena Compri

Marie Armelle Beaulieu, Marco Gavasso, Photo archives of the Custody and Ats Pro Terra Santa photo archives

Virtual Tour:
Marco Gavasso

Franciscan Media Center, center of video production Antoniano of Bologna.

Thanks to:
Studium Biblicum Franciscanum for giving us access to the archive of plants, books and drawings; Marc Homedes Palau for the iconographic research; Paola Pozzo for the realization of models of the Basilica; Dott.ssa Grazia Tucci of GECO - Laboratorio di Geomatica per la Conservazione e la Comunicazione dei Beni Culturali di Firenze - and her team, Alessia Nobile and Laura Bucalossi, for assisting in the making of the Virtual Tour.

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