Chronological list of underground researches at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

  • 1960: exploration and ground floor excavation in the area of the Patriarch’s residence and the garden
  • 1963: excavation of the Chapel of St. Mary
  • 1963-64: excavation of water/sewage systems between the Patriarch’s residence to the north and the Parvis (entrance courtyard) in front of the church on the south; discovery of the Hadrian underground
  • 1965: excavation in the rock-cut Chapel of the Finding of the Cross. Partial excavation of the Parvis facing the south facade of the church
  • 1966-67: excavation in the area south of the transept of the Anastasis (Armenian Divan)
  • 1968: excavation in the area north of the transept of the Anastasis (now the Altar of Mary Magdalene)
  • 1969: excavation in the gallery of the Anastasis and above the the Arches of the Virgin
  • 1969-70: excavations in the eastern area of the Triportico (now the Katholikon)
  • 1974: excavation of the trenches to the south of the Edicule in the Anastasis
  • 1970-1980: extremely long excavation, carried out in segments, behind the apse of the Chapel of St. Helena in the area of the Martyrium

V.C. Corbo, Il Santo Sepolcro di Gerusalemme. Aspetti archeologici dalle origini al periodo crociato, Jerusalem 1981, vol. 1, pg 21.