Patriarch Eutychius

Annals, 10th century

Eutychius, Patriarch of Alexandria, described the events relating to the Arab conquest in 638 AD. It was also Eutychius who provided the account of the visit of Sultan Omar ibn al-Khattab to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, following which the Sultan forbid Muslims from praying in groups in the atrium of the Christian sanctuary, permitting only individual prayers.

The peaceful agreement for the surrender of Jerusalem by Sophronius to Sultan Omar ibn al-Khattab

“Omar ibn al-Khattab and his generals left Syria towards Jerusalem and laid siege to the city. Sophronius, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, went to Omar ibn al-Khattab who granted his protection to the inhabitants and the city through a letter handed over to the Patriarch himself. Omar ibn al-Khattab granted the safeguard of the Christian sites ordering not to destroy them or to use them as living quarters”. 

Eutychius of Alexandria (Said ibn Batriq), Annals, 17-28