Abbot Daniel

Life and Pilgrimage, 1106-1107

The Ukrainian abbot Daniel, who visited the Holy Places accompanied by a monk from the Mar Saba Monastery, demonstrated a lively curiosity about the sanctuaries and monasteries held by the Greeks as well as the traditions of the Latin Church.

Description of the Church of the Resurrection

"The Church of the Resurrection is of a circular form having twelve monolithic columns and six pillars. Its floor is made of beautiful marble slabs. It has six entrances and tribunes with twelve columns. Lively mosaics of the holy prophets are under the ceiling, over the tribune. The altar is surmounted by a mosaic image of Christ. In the main altar one can see the mosaic of the Exaltation of Adam. In the apse the Ascension of Christ. The Annunciation occupies the two pillars next to the altar. The dome of the church is not closed by a stone vault but is made up of wooden beams in a truss form. In this way the Church has an opening at the top. The Holy Sepulchre stands under this open dome..."